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Welcome to Esports Scotland Education (ESS Education),  Our mission is to bridge the gap between education and the dynamic world of esports. We aim to empower students academically and foster their growth in the esports industry.


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Are you ready to bring the excitement of esports to your school? Express your interest today and partner with us! Together, we can create an engaging and dynamic esports environment for your students. Don’t miss out on this opportunity - get in touch with us now

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Ben Grant, Head of Strategy and Future Development at Esports Scotland, shares his insights on the immense value of structured Esports education programs for both the film and television industry and universities.


Why You Should Teach Esports:

We believe in the transformative power of esports education. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider integrating esports into your educational institution:



Why Esports in Education?



STEM Engagement: Esports encourages girls to explore STEM, enhancing skills in technology and problem-solving.



Learning & Satisfaction: Boosts teamwork, communication, and critical thinking, with parental approval.



Career Opportunities: Offers a pathway to STEM careers and roles in marketing, event management, and more.



Academic Pathways: The SQA NPA in Esports, offer comprehensive insights into the esports industry, equipping students with the knowledge and skills for academic advancement or career pursuits in this dynamic field.



UCAS Points: Students can earn valuable UCAS points through SCQF L4-5 accredited courses, such as the SQA NPA in Esports, providing a competitive edge for university applications within the UK.



Skill Development: Develops life skills like time management and resilience, essential for today's workforce.



Inclusivity: Promotes gender equality, inspiring more girls to pursue STEM careers.


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Esports Scotland Education:
- Provides esports course material and validation
- Offers revenue generation opportunities
- Assists in the setup of esports arenas
- Organises education esports tournaments
- Supports education programs across primary schools, high schools, colleges, and universities

Partnership with Esports Scotland:
- Embark on a transformative educational journey
- Access innovative tools, resources, and support systems
- Integrate ESSE into your curriculum for an interactive learning experience
- Benefit from tailored solutions and a collaborative community that fosters growth

Please feel free to reach out if you need further assistance or have any questions.

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