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At Esports Scotland Education, we believe in bridging the gap between education and the dynamic world of esports. Our services are designed to empower students academically and foster their growth in the esports industry.

ESS Sponsorship Support:

We provide support for educational institutions seeking sponsorship opportunities.

Access to Tournaments:

Schools and universities can participate in ESS tournaments.

Industry Engagement:

 We offer industry/player talks, co-master classes, and workshops.

Industry Course Support:

We provide support for designing and managing industry-related courses.

Esports Society Support:

We support events and broadcasts through our Esports Society.

Discounted Equipment and Software:

Through partnerships with Challengermode, Gameplan, Yoyotech, Lenovo, we offer discounted equipment and software.

Certified Academy Rooms:

ESS Education offers certified college and university academy rooms.

Integration of ESS IP:

Intellectual Property integration in educational institutions, including the Scottish Esports League, Community Cups, and Battlegrounds.

Co-branded Merchandise:

Schools can benefit from co-branded merchandise and industry placement opportunities.

ESS Education Gameplan:

Access esports education content through our Gameplan.


Get to Know Us

ESS Education, a division of Esports Scotland Ltd, aims to provide educational institutions with esports course material, validation, setup of esports arenas, and inter-education esports tournaments. This feeds into national education programs, including primary schools, high schools, colleges, and university tournaments managed by The Scottish Esports League.

Ben Grant, Head of Strategy and Future Development at Esports Scotland, shares his insights on the immense value of structured Esports education programs for both the film and television industry and universities.


Challenges and Solutions

- Lack of Structured Esports Education: ESS provides a platform for schools and colleges to access structured esports education.

- Limited Awareness of Esports Opportunities: We educate about diverse esports career opportunities.

- Balancing Screen Time and Education: ESS promotes responsible gaming habits.

- Lack of Official Esports Programs: We collaborate to establish official esports programs.

- Skills Gap for the Future Workforce: ESS programs bridge the gap for the modern workforce.

- Negative Stereotypes Surrounding Gaming: We highlight the educational aspects of gaming.

- Limited Resources for Esports Infrastructure: ESS offers guidance and resources.

- Bridging the Gap Between Education and Esports: We connect education and the esports industry.

Monetization Strategies:

Course Writing: Develop pre-packaged Esports Education courses for institutions.

Course Validation: Offer independent validation of standards.

Train the Trainer: Provide training sessions to educators.

Technical Solutions: License tech teaching solutions to educators.

Employer Links: Secure sponsorship from employers valuing Esports skills.

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Artistic Vision


For instance, if a school licenses an ESS Esports course, adds the Gameplan solution, trains staff, and conducts validation, the total annual cost can be substantial, especially when scaled across multiple schools and local authorities.


Get in Touch

For more details, contact us to explore how Esports Scotland Education can benefit your educational institution.


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