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What Games Would Make Good Esports?

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

The world of esports is populated by many different games with many different playstyles, and with such a broad variety it might seem a Herculean challenge to find new games to add. But don't worry, because we here at Esports Scotland are shouldering that burden for you!

So now it's time to ask the question... What games would make good esports, and more importantly why?

1. I Am Bread

Picture the scene: Baguette vs Bagel, both picked for their high run/roll speed and dexterity across the chosen map. Two competitors face off as virtual carbohydrates attempting to jump into a toaster and achieve grilled glory.

The game, while being just some small streamer memer that was played out very quickly, holds the potential to generate some very interesting gameplay through mechanical prowess and simple goals. Namely to get buttered, jammed, and delivered to the plate, with the exploits coming through hours of manipulations and experimentation of the bread and courses to get that final high score netting the win for FaZe Baguette Boize.

You can practically hear the sound of a crowd shouting 'Baguette, baguette!' while chomping on some free toast and waving their foam breadsticks in the air.

2. Golf with friends

Golf with Friends is another perhaps less notable game that I believe would lend itself amazingly to the esports format. It's golf which is a sport, so we're already halfway there!

But in all seriousness, with the structure of the sandbox/physics environment, the thrilling ability to change out balls into not so aerodynamic shapes, and a remarkably adept map builder, this game could seriously lend itself to amazing content in an intensely competitive environment.

3. Star Wars: Squadrons

This would be a dream come true. Competitive Star Wars Flight Sim? Yes, please!

With the polished mechanics and the diverse roster of ships with fully customizable load outs and an ace choice of fighter pilots kitted out with VR and Hotas rigs, the potential for an esports scene to grow out of this is immense.

The way that each starfighter is pre-set to craft a specific playstyle, paired with a balanced, communicative team, and you're guaranteed to clean up and generate some beautiful content that I pray comes to fruition soon.

4. Blade and sorcery

Move over Soul Calibre there's a new kid in town!

As a VR first-person sword fighter, this would be an interesting one. Blades and Sorcery is great little game and, as a VR first-person sword fighter, would be an interesting esport, especially since it is often heavily modded, making for some pretty entertaining, binge-worthy content. Now add the hardcore FGC community into this space and watch out for some intense battles that'd have us all gawping more than a 150 dmg combo with no wall breaks.

The great thing here would be the entry-level and skill cap. Anyone could enter that ring and potentially walk away with the belt. Add to that all the mods, and the only creative limit is your imagination!

5. Sub Rosa

For those of you who haven't discovered this game, I recommend checking it out on YouTube for some context. The premise is simple: You are a mafia man. You need money. You recruit a gang of misanthropes with mics and start your journey to the top, collecting floppy disks and banking the green. But there's a twist- you can't decrypt the floppy, so you're going to have to make a shady deal with the Monsota and pray to God they haven't got a sharpshooter in the adjacent parking lot.

The matches could be set to reach a certain amount of cash or have gangs duke it out over the same objective. But what has the most potential in my mind is the goofy in-game physics, 'interesting' shooting mechanics, and the reliance on the deal-making. For my money, it would generate some of the funniest, if not saltiest, FPS content to date.

6. Skate Series

If there was ever a sports game that is dying for a competitive scene it's this one.

Way back when, in the glory days of PS3 and Xbox 360, everyone and their uncle had a copy, Tony Hawks had died a death, and we were jumping off buildings and acid dropping into 10ft verts with our analogue sticks and nailing quad kickflips like it was nothing. But the most fun was always the Hall of Meat challenges, akin to the Burnout Crash mini-game, that was all about smashing yourself up and netting that high score for most broken bones.

Now inject a little of that esports magic and you could be looking at something very special. The execution barrier in the high-level games of S.K.A.T.E would create some intense and noteworthy moments. Or even just a park with real-time judges and entrants setting their best lines in iconic spots from across the planet. Everything is super customizable, original and would feel like a refreshing entrant into the esports realm.

Hopefully, some of these may have tickled your fancy. Got any ideas of your own for a good esports game? Lets us know here!


About the Author

Kyle is a gaming enthusiast with a passion for gaming's history, particularly in the FGC as the top player among his cousins in the late 90's. With a mashing technique like no other, he soon fell prey to the online community that now wipes the floor with him along with his dream of ever getting good. He is an avid variety streamer with a keen interest in the gaming community as an aspiring commentator and content creator with a focus on comedy, fun and having lovely old time.

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