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🎮 Sports and Esports Unite: A New Era of Competitive Gaming! 🏑

In a bold and innovative move to transform sports participation, we are thrilled to announce a ground-breaking partnership between Esports Scotland, Scottish Hockey and The Brave Jnr. Together, we are embarking on a remarkable journey to establish a cutting-edge £20,000 multi-role Esports hub right in the heart of Glasgow. This hub will complement the existing £5 million Glasgow National Hockey Centre, a prestigious Commonwealth Legacy Venue from the 2014 games.

But this collaboration goes beyond just Esports. It represents an incredible opportunity to delve into a broader digital strategy for the Scottish Governing Body. 🌍

Yesterday marked a momentous occasion as we welcomed the youths from The Brave Jnr, as well as esteemed sports stakeholders, for a pilot event. They had the chance to witness the fusion of hybrid Esports and Hockey training in action. Also was outlined a comprehensive 5-phase approach to integrating Esports into the Scottish Governing Body's offerings.

A big thanks to Barry Cawte, James Hood, Ben Grant and Emma Williamson for making this happen.

For more details, follow the link below. Stay tuned for this game-changing partnership that promises to help redefine the future of sports and Esports in Scotland!


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