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SEL4: Why Dundee?

We recently announced the upcoming Scottish Esports League, and we couldn’t be more excited! In particular, we are super hyped about staging our finals live, in person, in the DCA in Dundee.

You may be wondering why we here at Esports Scotland have chosen Dundee to host our live finals, when previously we’ve been limited to Edinburgh and Glasgow. If so, you’ve certainly clicked on the right article, because we’re going to talk you through all of the reasons why Dundee is the perfect city for an esports live final!

Dundee: City of the Future

Dundee is poised to become one of the world’s forefront modern cities, with plans to upgrade and modernise every aspect of the city.

Dundee City Council have announced plans to introduce 5G to Dundee, with a new 5G innovation hub being brought into the city. This will mean that Dundee is set to be one of the country’s leading cities in 5G development, with new advancements in gaming and technology expected to follow shortly after. This is exciting news for esports fans everywhere, as 5G has the potential to revolutionise the online gaming scene. We here at Esports Scotland are incredibly excited to see what Dundee’s 5G hub brings to the table!

There are also plans to construct a world-class 4,000 seat capacity esports arena in the city, with a budget of up to £60million and is expected to be completed in 2024. Esports Scotland couldn’t be more excited to see genuine investment in the Scottish esports scene and, who knows, in a few years’ time we may be hosting an SEL final in a huge, custom-built arena!

Game Production

So, Dundee is set to continue leading the charge on gaming in the future, but it’s already got an impressive head start.

Abertay University produces some of the best minds in gaming production and is internationally renowned for being an industry leader in games education. With an impressive catalogue of courses, ranging from video game design, to technology, and computer arts, Abertay helps create a wealth of new talent every year. With all of the great work they already do we're delighted to be working alongside the institution to continue to develop into the future.

Female Timex workers who made the ZX Spectrum computer

Going back in time even further though, what helped Dundee's original wave of tech tinkerers was rumoured to be because of the Timex ZX Spectrum factory in the city. Story tells that workers from the factory would take home busted and cheaper computers and give them to their kids to play with and fix up. This meant Dundee was organically growing a generation of developers before it's very eyes which lead to the ground-breaking Dundee born Titles like Lemmings and of course Grand Theft Auto!

And incase you didn't already know Dundee is the games development centre of Scotland. Sometimes called 'silicon glen' Dundee is home to a wealth of developers including 4J Studios, Ninja Kiwi Europe, Outplay Entertainment, Rockstar Dundee, and many more


Our host venue is Dundee Contemporary Arts, a fantastic space that we’re really looking forward to using to its full potential. It’ll be a sprawling event, taking over several different rooms for different events and stalls. We hope to create a real sense of community and an incredibly fun atmosphere to make up for last year being exclusively online!

What’s Next?

Dundee really is the perfect city to host the world’s most modern, cutting-edge sporting event, especially with all of the changes and upgrades we’ll be seeing in the future. Esports Scotland is really looking forward to supporting Dundee as the city of the future, and can’t wait to explore what that means for the Scottish gaming scene and for Esports Scotland as a company!

What upgrades to Dundee’s esports scene are you most excited about? Drop us a comment on our socials and let us know, or talk to other gamers in our discord.

Ang don't forget, You can sign up for tickets to attend SEL4's Live Finals via our website - tickets are free, but there's limited availability, so get on it soon!


About the Author

Calum Rosie is a writer and editor, and the Writing Coordinator for Esports Scotland. He is world-renowned for his elite gaming skills, charm, handsomeness, is responsible for editing these bios, and is not above lying in them.

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