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SEL4: LOL Roundup [week 1]

What an amazing first week we've had for SEL4. We've had some banging games across all the titles so far and we are just getting started! League of Legends has been a popular esport for about the last 5-10 years, and we are very excited to be bringing this title into the rotation at the Scottish Esports League. After the Esports Cup of Nations between Scotland and Wales, we received a lot of interest in League of Legends, what with it being the highest viewership over the full tournament.

So ahead of week 2 let's have a look back at our first ever match up of League of Legends in SEL, the match between Dead Again vs Coinflip Coalition. Firstly though I am going to introduce some of the players who will be taking part in the tournament.

Dead Again

In the Top we have Colsh. Colsh has been on the competitive scene for some time. Playing in UKEL (UK Esports League), Nuel (National University Esports League), NSE (National Students Esports) and Connecting Esports tournaments. Colsh has managed to make Masters playing the top role in solo queue and regularly streams on twitch. If you need any guidance on playing Camille or any other top lane champions you can find him on Twitch and Twitter.

In the Jungle we have DMSA Leon. Leon has also been on the competitive scene for a while, and won the UKEL split playing for Demise Academy in 2021. Leon has also played in the Belong Arenas Championship and Challenger league for the Clyde Claymores in Glasgow. Leon has also played in the NUEL and has peaked Masters in the Jungle role. If you are looking to sharpen up your jungle clears and pathing you can find Leon on Twitch: and Twitter:

In Mid lane we have Crainie. Crainie has competed in the Nuel and is currently Diamond 2 Solo Queue in the Mid role.

For Bot we have Pizza Ball. He has competed in the Belong Arenas Challenger league with the Clyde Claymores along side Leon. Played in the NUEL. He has peaked at Diamond 1 play Flex role.

For Support we have Patsie. Patsie has won the Belong Arenas Championship league and has peaked Diamond 2 in solo queue playing the support role.

Coinflip Coalition

In top lane we have Falking. Falking is currently in Platinum 2 playing Solo Queue in the Top role.

In the Jungle we have Camriin. Camriin is currently Gold 4 in Solo Queue playing the ADC role

In the Mid lane we have Pro Luma. Pro Luna is currently Platinum 1 in Solo Queue playing the ADC role

In the Bot role we have JayJayZ. JayJayZ is currently Gold 2 in Solo Queue playing the ADC role

For the support role we have QxPlopdefatboi he is currently Diamond 1 in Solo Queue and plays either Bot or Support role

I have picked 5 amazing moments from the games played.

Game 1

1: Smart bait by QxPlopdefatboi gives Coinflip Coalition a pick to get their first dragon on the board after being behind two. Delaying the dragon soul for Dead Again

At 19:30 the Coinflip Coalition recognise the Wind Dragon spawning in 30 seconds. They have setup vision all around bottom river and in Dead Again’s jungle ahead of time. Ezreal and Yuumi are both spotted in the mid lane pushing waves ahead of time to force Coinflip to respond. Yuumi is looking to get some vision around dragon pit unaware of 3 members sitting around pixel bush. Sorraka is spotted over the wall from mid bush on a ward placed by Yuumi. She backs off pretending she is alone. Malzahar, Vayne and Xin Zhao leap from the bush catching Ezreal and Yuumi off guard for an easy double kill picked up on Vayne the primary carry on the team. The wind dragon is picked up for the side of Coinflip Coalition netting them 10% ultimate cooldown reduction.

2) The longest baron fight ever

At 22 minutes we see Colsh looking for a play mid on Vayne and Sorraka. Predator is used enabling him to run down both. With Yuumi on top of him giving him even more movement speed. Vayne tries to knock him back with E but he is simply too fast. Yuumi ult lands on both enabling Pizza Ball to pick up a double kill on his Ezreal.

Dead Again see the opportunity to go direct to Baron with Vayne and Sorraka dead.

The 3 members of Coinflip Coalition try to deter Dead Again from taking Baron.

The Ornn ultimate comes down from Falking but Dead Again appear to be too healthy.

Dead Again decide to turn the fight on the 3 members of Coinflip with only Colsh dieing in return for three members of Coinflip. 3 members from Dead Again are spotted by Vayne and Sorraka who try and take a fight on low members from Dead Again. Fortunately Syndra has enough mana to land the stun on Vayne allowing Dead Again to turn the fight. Blowing the flash and barrier from Vayne and flash from Sorraka. With Vayne dead Dead Again turn to Baron. Colsh Teleports in to assist. Both Falking and Pro Luma also TP to try and shove Dead Again off of Baron. Dead Again go all in on taking Baron. With Baron dead Singed moves forward to bodyguard the backline who are all low from the drawn out fighting. Singed is able to get onto Malzahar who is looking for blood on the low members of Dead Again. Malzahar is flipped directly in front of Dead Again who burns flash to stay alive. Camriin tries to get onto the backline who are so low but is instantly blown up. Orrn is stuck trying to prevent Singed getting onto the backline but he is too fast. Singed is able to shut out Sorraka and Malzahar leaving the remaining members of Dead Again able to focus down Ornn four on one. Dead Again call the fight off as Vayne E knocks Singed back away from Malzahar and Sorakka.

3) Amazing turn around from Dead Again

26 minutes in we see Dead again begin pushing both bottom and middle lane with Baron buff empowering the minions in both lanes making it hard for coinflip to clear the waves. Coinflip attempt to engage on the 3 man group mid of Ezreal Syndra and Yuumi. Ornn is able to land a perfect 3 man ult. Yuumi ult comes down to try and buy some time. Syndra is taken down here with the silence from sorraka preventing her from flashing out. Ezreal retaliates with his ultimate and q forcing the ult from Sorraka to prevent Vayne from dieing. Coinflip net themselves 800 gold by shuting down Syndra. Dead again move slowly towards mid tower. Some poke from Yuumi and Ezreal is able to take down Malzahar the primary wave clear for Coinflip. Dead again are able to take the second tier tower mid. They decide to base after baron has ran out and there is no minion wave to siege the tier 3 tower.

4) Heads up play by Crainie

At 28:30 Dead Again now have their eyes on the bottom tier two turret. Ezreal is looking for poke on any targets he can hit. As Dead again split up Ornn opens up with his ultimate. Singed steps up to try and disrupt this. Malzahar is in the perfect position to lock him down. Coinflip focus Singed down. Dead again are able to slow down the engage preventing any further loses.

Both teams separate with Syndra spotting Vayne basing in the bottom lane bush on a ward. Syndra looks for the Q E combo and dropping R. Vayne is left limping to her base after having to use both barrier and flash to escape. Ezreal is able to hop over the wall to finish off this tower.

5) The final fight

33 minutes in Colsh spots Sorraka and Vayne mid alone and uses predator to run them down. They are able to catch Sorraka and move immediately to Baron. With Baron they move to take top tier two tower. They move forward to attempt the tier three tower with Ornn ult coming down.

Yuumi and Kayn are able to buy some time with Kayn tanking Malzahar ultimate. Kayn is able to use ultimate and buys more time as the rest of Dead Again are able to put down as much damage as they can. At this point in the game the gold difference is just too much and Dead Again are able to run down the remaining members of Coinflip Coalition. Dead Again are able to open up the base through the top lane tower and close the game out with a gold lead of 15000 gold. Even with Ornn passive giving some free stats the lead is just too big. Dead Again take a decisive game one.

Game 2

1) First fight back and forth action

The first action we see is at 9:45 a 2v2 fight with Nautilus engaging onto Lulu with his Q hook. Lulu and Vayne are able to buy time for Lissandra and Gnar to Teleport in to assist. Dr Mundo also Teleports but is just a little to late. The R coming in from Lissandra to lock down Nautilus netting first blood. The fighting has not finished yet as Gnar is caught by Qiyana face checking the pixel bush in the bottom river. Jarvan IV is right behind qiyana to follow up landing an E,Q,R combo onto Lissandra. They are able to kill lissandra here. Gnar is able to get the kill onto Qiyana as Vayne is collapsed on by Dr. Mundo and Tristana going down soon after. Lulu and Gnar are able to take down tristana as Gnar dies immediately after. Lulu is able to escape after flashing over the wall. Meanwhile Leon has been able to take 3 plates top lane giving him a 900 gold advantage over his opposing jungler.

2) Great counter dive by Coinflip Coalition

At 18:40 we see a fight break out in the top river. Kha’Zix finds Nautilus warding in the top river and slows him with W. Lissandra and Lulu are able to collapse and catch both Nautilus and Tristana. Dead Again are able to continue moving through Coinflips topside jungle and flank Dr. Mundo under his tower. Kha’Zix is able to get the final hit onto him under the tier three turret before being killed by Jarvan IV under the turret. The remaining members of Coinflip Coalition are able to collapse. Gnar and Qiyana are traded with Tristana picking up the kill on Gnar and Lulu getting the kill on Qiyana. Tristana is able to clean up Lulu and Jarvan IV is able to clean up Lissandra.

3) Quadra Kill for DMSA Leon on Kha’Zix

At 22:00 Coinflip Coaltition are able to find Vayne alone farming in the bottom lane. They are able to take down Vayne and notice Gnar has Teleported to respond. Tristana is in the bottom river and Coinflip Coalition chase to cut Gnar off. Gnar runs to Tri bush to escape and drops a red ward cutting any vision for Coinflip Coalition. Nautilus lands a blind hook on Gnar as Jarvan and Qiyana follow up. Gnar is able to buy enough time for Lulu and Kha’Zix to arrive. Kha’Zix and Lulu are able to isolate the already low Qiyana. Teleport is channeled by Lissandra in bottom lane as Colsh’s rage meter begins to fill up allowing him to turn into Mega Gnar. He is able to use ultimate stunning Jarvan IV against the wall before hopping out with E to buy time. Kha’Zix is able to pick up his second kill on the Nautilus. Mega Gnar is able to buy more time stunning Tristana with W as she chases him down to try and get a reset. Lissandra and Kha’ Zix are able to follow up to take out Tristana before she finishes Mega Gnar. Lissandras ice clone from the dead Nautilus is able to clean up Jarvan IV. Dead Again now turn to finish off the only standing member of Coinflip Coalition in Dr. Mundo with Leon on Kha’Zix netting himself a Quadra Kill and their second infernal dragon.

4) Gnar turn that allows Dead Again to pick up the baron

At 24:30 Lulu is looking a ward in the middel bush entrance to top river. Little does she know that Qiyana and Nautilus are sitting waiting for their opportunity to strike. Nautilus, Tristana and Qiyana are able to take out Lulu. Gnar is able to find a return kill onto Tristana as she hops away. With his rage meter building Gnar begins to chase until he notices the missing members of Coinflip Coalition have joined the fight. Gnar is able to get mega form as he is engaged on by 4 members of Coinflip Coalition. Gnar ults Qiyana and Nautilus into the wall buying time for Khs’Zix and Lissandra to join the fight. Gnar is able to stay alive providing as much CC as he can as Kha’Zix and Lissandra clean up the fight. Amazing team play from Dead Again going 1 for 5 and allowing them to pick up the baron.

5) Gnar Penta kill

At 27 minutes Dead Again are knocking at the base turrets of Coinflip Coalition. Gnar is alone in the top lane against Qiyana. He is in mega form and hops onto Qiyana and manages to R her against the inhibitor full comboing her 100-0. As the other members of Coinflip step up to respond Gnar manages to force tristana to the respawn fountain. Jarvan tries to engage on the other members of Dead Again however is instantly blown up with Colsh securing the double kill. Dr. Mundo is now in the sights and is picked up for the triple kill onto Gnar. Kha’Zix begins chasing Tristana setting Gnar up for the Quadra kill. The mega gnar bar is building as the members of Dead Again try to dive the fountain to give Colsh the pentakill. Nautilus hooks onto gnar to try and pull him into the fountain laser. Gnar is able to go mega and ultimate Nautilus into the nexus securing the pentakill.

With such intense games in the first week. I personally can't wait to see what happens in the build up to the LAN finals. You can sign up for tickets to attend SEL4's Live Finals via our website - tickets are free, but there's limited availability, so get on it soon!

And don't forget, Week 2 of SEL4 LOL starts 5:45pm BST tonight, 05/10/21 over on twitch. Look forward to seeing you there.


About the Writer

Jonny has been helping out at Esports Scotland for some time now. Previously working as a Stream Coordinator for Rainbow 6 Siege. He has a background as a competitive LOL player having won the Belong Arenas challenger league in spring 2019. He also won in the Esports Cup of Nations LOL match against Wales. He has previously done Stream Coordination for LOL with the NUEL.

Message @Gallagnar

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