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Esports Scotland Introduces The Community Events!

Greetings Scottish esports enthusiasts! While things behind the scenes are busy with planning for the next SEL and other large events taking place later in the year, the events team has been working on something a bit different.

We realise over the past 3 years, there has been a lot of downtime outside the Scottish Esports League. In some cases, we have been at expos or worked with other partners, but these only make up a handful of events per year. In other cases, some members of staff have taken it upon themselves to run regular events for Rocket League, albeit with those on hiatus currently.

So with that said, we are proud to announce that Esports Scotland will be starting two new series of regular events that will run from this month until...well, forever hopefully.

The Community Cups

These have technically existed since 2018 with the early Rocket League and Cups Before Christmas events. The difference now going forward is we will be ramping up the number of cups we run, how regularly we run them and the types of games we run. While we are fans of the bigger esports titles that have featured on SEL, we also realise that we have been quite limited in the types of games that we cover.

Going forward, we will be pushing to facilitate more genres beyond shooters and Rocket League (while still supporting those). Strategy games, racing games and fighting games are all things we can maintain while also keeping up events for the plethora of shooters out there. These cups are intended to be a bit more on the fun side of things, so we’re open to anything that we can stream and fits into the schedule.

The cups we have planned will all take place on within a single day during times when our calendar is otherwise empty. The current schedule for upcoming cups are:

23rd January (2pm) - Powers Rangers: Battle for the Grid 23rd January (5pm) - Tekken 7

30th January - tbc 6th February - tbc 13th February (2pm) - Age of Empires 2

20th February (2pm) - Killer Instinct

20th February (5pm) - Rivals of Aether

27th February - tbc

It’s worth noting that while the staff have a number of games we would like to run, we are open to suggestions from the community so feel free to recommend games to us on our social media channels. We might not get around to every game people would like to see from us, but we will take notes from the community where we can.

The Community High Score Challenges

The other series of events we will be running throughout the year are regular high score challenge events. Inspired by the days of gaming magazines, these will start out as a challenge each week to see who can be the best and show their skills to the world.

Starting in February, there will be a different game each month with 4 challenges per game. We will post the details on our social media on Wednesday evenings throughout the month and competitors will have 2 hours to submit a video of their best score. Twitch clips and Twitter videos can be submitted using the #ESSHighScore hashtag on Twitter before the deadline.

We think this will be a fun way for the community to come together during the week and compete in a unique way outside head-to-head competition. We’re also aware that this will be our first attempt at running an event like this, so we will be taking feedback and making changes where needed too.

The first games of the year will be Super Mario Kart taking place in February and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 in March.

We’re really excited to get stuck in and start crowning some virtual community champions. Make sure you follow us across all social platforms so you don’t miss anything.


About the Author:

David Barrett

David Barrett has been interested in competitive gaming since the schoolyard days of defeating his friends in Pokemon. After a brief period of playing StarCraft 2 competitively which he subsequently won the Gamerbase StarCraft 2 Scottish League, David moved onto tournament organisation in 2012, which he has been doing ever since.

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