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Esports Scotland and ScotCreate Join Forces to Elevate Esports and Content Creation in Scotland

Esports Scotland, a leading professional esports organisation in Scotland, and ScotCreate, a burgeoning community platform for content creators, are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership aimed at fostering growth and collaboration within the esports and content creation industries in Scotland.

The partnership between Esports Scotland and ScotCreate represents a powerful alliance that seeks to enhance services, drive engagement, and organise collaborative events that will benefit both esports enthusiasts and content creators in the region. With a shared passion for gaming and creative content, the two organisations will work hand-in-hand to create a supportive and inclusive space for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Esports has rapidly gained popularity worldwide, and Scotland is no exception to this trend. The strategic alliance between Esports Scotland and ScotCreate aims to capitalise on the tremendous potential of esports and content creation in Scotland, bringing opportunities and recognition to aspiring talent.

James Hood, the CEO of Esports Scotland, expressed his excitement for the partnership, stating, "This collaboration is a remarkable step forward for both industries in Scotland. By combining our expertise and resources, we can create a vibrant ecosystem that empowers young talents, supports content creators, and organises top-notch events for the gaming community."

Joelle Nieuwenhuis, Co-Founder of ScotCreate added ""We are delighted to work with Esports Scotland and help to push content creation and esports towards new heights in Scotland. With this collaboration we will be able to reach more enthusiasts, content creators and talent, and offer many more possibilities to help create a thriving network for collaboration and support in this digital space."

ScotCreate, as a platform dedicated to nurturing content creators, will play a crucial role in providing valuable support and networking opportunities to members of Esports Scotland who are interested in content creation and related activities. This cooperative approach will encourage enthusiasts to explore their creative pursuits and contribute to the thriving gaming and content creation landscape in Scotland.

The partnership will officially come into effect on [insert date], marking the beginning of a new era for esports and content creation in Scotland.

**About ScotCreate**

ScotCreate is a dynamic community platform dedicated to fostering collaboration and networking opportunities for content creators in Scotland. Their vision is to provide a space for creators to connect, learn, and grow while emphasizing the significance of creative content and new media in today's digital landscape. ScotCreate aims to become a prominent organization offering workshops, networking events, and educational resources to empower content creators across diverse disciplines.

For media inquiries, contact or visit for more details.

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