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Looking to Become an Esports Star? Find Out What It Takes to Become One

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

An Interview With Scottish FIFA Professionals - Gary Mcinnes & Jayden Groden


The allure of what is required to become an esports player is one many of us seek to learn. Luckily, we've had the chance to sit down with both our FIFAe 2021 World Cup players - Gary Mcinnes & Jayden Groden - to find out how and why they began their career in professional gaming.

Gary Mcinnes at the FIFA19 Arena Clash

Question 1:

To begin, here’s an easy one: How long have you been playing FIFA?

Gary: I’ve been playing FIFA since I was a kid, usually with my dad growing up, but only delved into competitive FIFA in the past 2 years.

Jayden: I've been playing FIFA for a very long time; from the Nintendo with FIFA 10, to my first Ultimate Team in 14. Since then I have just always loved playing FIFA.

Question 2:

At what moment did you realise you could become a professional FIFA player?

Gary: I’ve always been good at games in general, but I’ve never tried to push myself to go pro on a game until I started playing alongside some other pro FIFA players and got results against them, which most players can't do.

Jayden: The moment I realised I'd shown promise of turning professional was when in the Crystal Palace ePrem play-offs, I managed to beat 'FUTWIZ Lyricz' 2-1 with a bang average team! Unfortunately, I still lost in the final.

Question 3:

What attracted you to work towards turning professional?

Gary: Again, gaming has always been the thing I’ve been good at and I finally found an opportunity to try and make something of it.

Jayden: I've always been a competitive person in everything I do. When I first started to improve at FIFA and consistently beat good players in FIFA 20. I then began my journey in becoming professional.

Question 4:

On average, how many hours do you play per week?

Gary: It varies massively and depends on whether I have an upcoming tournament. If so, I’ll easily play around 6 hours a day; but if not, I'll usually switch between FIFA and some other games with my friends, just so I don’t burn myself out on FIFA.

Jayden: During the start of FIFA 21, I was playing 6-8 hours a day; however, now I've got used to the game, I only play few hours a week.

Question 5:

What piece of advice would you offer to anyone who’s eager to start competing at a professional level?

Gary: If you are eager to start competing in FIFA, you need to begin getting good FUT Weekend League results at the bare minimum. If you don’t get verified early on by hitting Elite 1 ranking, it will be tough to make events the further the game goes on.

Jayden: The main piece of advice I would give those looking to become professional is to watch other professionals and compare how they play to how you play. If you really want to become good, it's not about learning new skills and tricks, it's about sitting back and looking at patterns of play that tends to lose you games.

Question 6:

Finally, are you excited for the FIFAe Club World Cup?

Gary: I’m very excited to see how we get on in CWC and going up against some of the top-ranked players in the world. The sad truth is that it will be a up-hill-battle for Jayden and I given as we haven’t invested thousands of £s into the game for the best possible team. However, I view us as dark horses and definitely capable of pulling big results when we need them.

Jayden: I'm extremely excited for the FIFAe Club World Cup. I'm with a great team and an equally great player who has proven himself a lot so far and I can't wait to get started.


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