Scottish Esports League

Over the last three years as the premier esports league in Scotland, the Scottish Esports League has facilitated over three hundred competitors, with prize pools totalling over £8000. Our 2019 SEL2 finals were broadcast by BBC Sports Scotland from Resonate Total Gaming Festival, held in Glasgow's SSE Hydro on the HyperX Gaming Esports Truck.

It is through events such as these that we have begun to grow and support esports in Scotland, with both professional and grassroots organisations. Alongside our partners at Lenovo Legion and Curry's PC World, we aim to continue this work into the future and solidify Scotland's place in the rapidly growing world of Esports.

Big Fest '18

In 2018, Esports Scotland hosted the first Big Fest from Edinburgh's Biscuit Factory. It was two day festival that brought the atmosphere of a music festival to the Scottish gaming community. It was a chance to form connections and celebrate gaming together, as well as lauding new advances in the gaming world: it was at Big Fest that Nintendo showcased the first playable version of Smashbros Ultimate for the Switch in the UK.

Big Fest '20

Bigfest returned in 2020 with Bigfest Online, connecting players and strengthening the online community at a time many people are experiencing isolation. We hope to create an event where even though we can't physically be together, people can find joy through connection and the fun of video games.


BETT 20 with  Lenovo

Esports Scotland kicked off 2020 by attending the British Education Technology Tradeshow (BETT). In partnership with Lenovo Legion, we hosted an esports activation stage with interactive opportunities as well as a laptop giveaway each day.


With over 34,000 attendees, it was three days of connecting with educators from all over the world, discussing the merits of combining esports and education. While children got the chance to test their gaming skills as their peers cheered them on, we engaged in discourse about the importance of providing safe and nurturing environments online for children to learn and grow, and how important positive play is for healthy development. The incredible atmosphere around the Lenovo stage was certainly a highlight of the event for many and illustrated the possibilities that esports could create in the future.

Fortnite Fort Kinnaird

In partnership with Currys PC world, we held an open Fortnite community event, letting competitors face off head to head while their peers looked on and watched on the screens across the store.

Celticfest 19

Working with Celtic FC, we hosted a PES tournament where fans could face off against one another for a chance to win an Xbox and copy of PES 19, as well as a beat the pro contest.

Esports Cup of Nations

In 2020 we partnered with Esports Wales to create a new international tournament showcasing national esports teams facing against each other in a clash of the best each nation has to offer.

econ 20 cover image.jpg

ESS Community Cups

Espors Scotland Community Cups are a year long series of events created with the aim of giving back to our community and ensuring there's always a place to test your skill sno matter what time of year.

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Enable Gaming

at Codebase

Enable Gaming is a nonforprofit orginisation who's aim is to provide great gaming experiences for anyone from any background or ability.

Using our Lenovo Legion laptops, we helped facilite their open rocket league competition which we also broadcast on our twitch channel.

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